September 2017 - Little Einsteins Nurseries


Building A Den

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Little Einsteins Kirkcaldy now has an exciting den for the children to play in when they are out in the nursery garden. They were delighted to accept some pallets from Resin Drives, a local company. One of the parents helped to fix them together and we used floor mats for the children to sit on.

The children just love this new den and have been using it for role play, story time and also a place to sit when they have a snack outside.


10 15Construction begins

Helped by Carter 13

The finished den is in the main photo above.


Summer Fun at Little Einsteins Dundee

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The children at Little Einsteins Nursery in Dundee have found various activities to keep them amused over the summer.

The 2 -3 year olds have been learning all about transport and took a trip to the local bus station.

PTDC0114 PTDC0113

Here are the 2 – 5 year olds making the most of a dry sunny day playing with the parachute in the garden.

PTDC0035 PTDC0037 PTDC0036

Our 1-2 years enjoyed playing with the tents and tunnels hiding from one another inside on a rainy day

PTDC0864 PTDC0867 PTDC0872

Our 0-1 (babies) were learning all about “me”. The staff drew around each child and  asked the parents to bring in pictures from home to add to the family tree on our display board.

PTDC1104 PTDC1105




Summer Fun for the Discoverers at Hillside Nursery

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Although the weather hasn’t been great this summer the children in the Discoverers Room at Little Einsteins Hillside Nursery haven’t let that stop them having fun outdoors.

They enjoyed getting their waterproof clothing and wellies on to play in the pool. We added some bubbles to the water and had great fun finding out which items made the biggest splashes.

DSC03184 DSC03187 DSC03190


DSC03172 We harvested the runner beans we’ve been growing in the nursery garden. The children enjoyed popping the beans out of the pods and collecting them to give to the cook to add to the lunch.

DSC03124 DSC03130 Indoors we experimented with yogurt and cornflour to make yogurt dough. The children loved making shapes out of the dough and eating it too!!


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