March 2018 - Little Einsteins Nurseries

Mothers Day Celebrations at Little Einsteins Perth Nursery

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Mums of the children in our Perth nursery were invited to join us for a Tea Party to celebrate Mothers Day on Friday 9th March. All parents were welcome to come along and join in with some party games with their children, have delicious homemade cakes and be gifted some fantastic presents. Lots of parents were able to join in with the fun.

IMG_3841 IMG_3848 IMG_3850

mothers day8 IMG_3827


Kirkcaldy Nursery Trip To Recycling Centre

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The children from Inventors (3-5’s) and After School Club took a trip to the recycling centre recently to recycle our cardboard and plastic bottles. They have been learning how it’s important to recycle so we took a trip there to show them what happens at the recycling centre.

We discussed all the different bins and how you have to make sure you put them in the correct bin. The children then helped to place our waste in the bins. Litter, waste minimisation and water have been our big focuses lately as part of our Eco Schools initiative. We were rewarded with our Green Flag award in 2016 and we continue to work hard to ensure we are still maintaining the eco standards, to keep the green flag flying!

24 21


What’s The Latest From Little Einsteins Dundee?

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Wondering what’s been happening at Little Einsteins nursery in Dundee? Wonder no more – here’s an update of things the children have been doing over the last couple of months.

The 2 – 5 year old children have been enjoying dance classes.

PTDC0002 (2) PTDC0004 (2)


The Inventors (3 – 5 years) have been building towers in the nursery’s construction area and dressed for the occasion.

PTDC0068 (1) PTDC0071 (1)

Our Investigators (2-3 years) enjoyed exploring in our tuff tray the different objects that were on offer. The children were asked what each animal was and where did they live developing the children’s interest in animals.

PTDC0192 PTDC0210

PTDC0189 PTDC0188

The Investigators also enjoyed leaving water outside in different sizes of moulds to see how fast the water would turn to ice in the main picture above.


PTDC0248 PTDC0249

PTDC0250 The Discoverers (0 – 2) enjoy messy play with the paints.




More News from Little Einsteins Arbraoth

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The children in the Arbroath nursery have been showing their enthusiasm towards physical play. This is including running, skipping, jumping, walking, balancing and loads more.

The children have thrived from our adaptation of one of our rooms to meet their physical needs. There has been opportunity for all children to enhance their gross motor skills using all the apparatus provided. The staff are doing an amazing job at supplying the children with different activities and games within the physical area to expand their interest. The room is adapted every day to suit the needs of each specific child.

IMG_7147 IMG_7164 IMG_7318

IMG_7157 IMG_7332

Fun Filled Days at Little Einsteins Arbroath

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ys and girls at Little Einsteins nursery in Arbroath have had great fun in the past few weeks.  They have taken a big interest in sensory play and learning experiences, so the staff have been building on this as part of our responsive planning.

IMG_7254 IMG_7247

IMG_7373 IMG_7306


IMG_7292 IMG_7370 IMG_7238

During January the children learned about Burns Night and using their sensory skills created some amazing Scottish artwork for our wall.

Rabbie Burns Saltire

They also tried Haggis, Neeps & Tatties for lunch

Haggis, neeps & tatties

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