Autumn Comes To Arbroath

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Happy autumn children!!

With a new season the children can feel how the weather has changed and they need to put their coats on to enjoy the outdoors (and hats too!).

The classrooms are different now! We have made our autumn trees and we can play autumn games such as matching leaves by numbers, colours or shapes. We created our autumn domino, we have learned new songs about autumn and enjoyed collecting leaves and sticks (and jumping into the puddles too. Thank goodness parents always leave us spare clothes for changing in to!).

We can listen new stories about this season because we have been collecting amazing books into the library and we have been enjoying the taste of our homemade soups (yes parents, children are helping us to make soups and cookies).

This is a period of time which is full of changes with our new songs, new games and funny activities which can engage the children and  stir their interest and curiosity.

Below are a selection of photographs taken around the nursery in the last few weeks.

IMG_3193 IMG_1675 IMG_3080


IMG_3065 IMG_3053 IMG_20151009_091857


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