Busy Morning for Arbroath Nursery

Posted by | January 15, 2019 | Arbroath | No Comments

The children at Arbroath have been very busy this morning. The Investigators have been helping the ladies at the nursery to develop the Role Play area in the room.

The children incorporated loose parts into their role play – using wool as spaghetti. Did you know that loose parts were first proposed back in 1970’s as it was believed they would help empower children’s curiosity? The Little Einsteins team would definitely agree with this as the loose parts have done just that. One child was ‘The Doctor’ and was helping one staff member who didn’t feel well – using many different methods to make the staff member feel better – then decided she would be best to phone the staff members mummy to make her feel better. Looks like great fun is being had by all.

Investigators having lots of fun with their newly developed Role Play area.

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