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More News from Little Einsteins Arbraoth

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The children in the Arbroath nursery have been showing their enthusiasm towards physical play. This is including running, skipping, jumping, walking, balancing and loads more.

The children have thrived from our adaptation of one of our rooms to meet their physical needs. There has been opportunity for all children to enhance their gross motor skills using all the apparatus provided. The staff are doing an amazing job at supplying the children with different activities and games within the physical area to expand their interest. The room is adapted every day to suit the needs of each specific child.

IMG_7147 IMG_7164 IMG_7318

IMG_7157 IMG_7332

Fun Filled Days at Little Einsteins Arbroath

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ys and girls at Little Einsteins nursery in Arbroath have had great fun in the past few weeks.  They have taken a big interest in sensory play and learning experiences, so the staff have been building on this as part of our responsive planning.

IMG_7254 IMG_7247

IMG_7373 IMG_7306


IMG_7292 IMG_7370 IMG_7238

During January the children learned about Burns Night and using their sensory skills created some amazing Scottish artwork for our wall.

Rabbie Burns Saltire

They also tried Haggis, Neeps & Tatties for lunch

Haggis, neeps & tatties

Arbroath Nursery Gets Ready for Winter

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The latest news from Little Einsteins Arbroath submitted by Chloe Hudson who is currently Acting Manager. Please also feel free to download the latest Newsletter from the link below. We are now on Facebook too! Please follow us and “like” our page.


We have all taken an interest in winter and Christmas over the past week. The children are hoping for snow which generated conversation about snowmen and lead to the staff and children creating some big friendly snowmen for our wall.

Arbroath Dec 17.jpg10 Arbroath Dec 17.jpg9

The chat continued with talk about outdoor clothes in the winter, hats, scarves, gloves and cosy coats.

Arbroath Dec 17.jpg4 Arbroath Dec 17.jpg3

The children then explored lots of sensory activities linked to Autumn and Winter. Such as oats, glitter, cotton wool, leaves, sticks and acorns.

Arbroath Dec 17.jpg8 Arbroath Dec 17.jpg6

Arbroath Dec 17.jpg5 Arbroath Dec 17

Birthday Celebrations at Little Einsteins Arbroath Nursery

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Birthdays are always a great reason to celebrate at Little Einsteins nursery in Arbroath. Here are some photos of the latest birthday at our nursery.

We had a ball pool, hula hoops, balloons, stories, and loads more!

LE Arbroath Jun17 2 LE Arbroath Jun17

LE Arbroath Jun17 5 LE Arbroath Jun17 4

We also made yummy cupcakes for our birthday girl and in the afternoon we got to eat a delicious cake!

LE Arbroath Jun17 3 What a great day in the Nursery!




A Visit From Santa Claus at Arbroath

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Here are some photographs of the Christmas Party at Little Einsteins in Arbroath. Nerea Fernandez, the Manager at the Nursery said:-

“We enjoyed such a nice Christmas meal followed by Santa’s visit! We followed his footprints and eventually found him – he was hiding in one of the rooms! We told him that we were very good children during the year and he handed out presents for us…what a lovely surprise!! After saying bye to Santa, we played some games and we ended with a Christmas Buffet. Such a wonderful day!”

114_0642 Christmas lunch to start the party.

114_0645 Who left these snowy footprints I wonder?

114_0660 114_0656

114_0647 Santa had presents for all the children

Summer Fun at Arbroath

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There have been some very interesting trips during the summer for the Little Einsteins at Arbroath. On the 12th of August the Inventors went to visit Dundee Science Centre.

Said Sara “Our trip was great!  The staff there was lovely, they prepared so many fun activities for us to experience – Dig, dig digging looking for skeleton bones, pretending to be a police officer, learning about the human body… in other words, we had no time to get bored! We really enjoyed our trip and we will surely be back!” Have a look at our lovely photos.

20160810_093805_HDR Setting off on the bus

20160810_105807_HDR 20160810_104943_HDR 20160810_105605_HDR

20160810_111009_HDR 20160810_111022_HDR

We took our puppy Jake for a walk at the park one day.


You can also download the latest Newsletter from Sara Gaton, Manager below

Arbroath Newsletter Aug 2016



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