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Congratutions to Jessica

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Jessica Acosta is Little Einsteins Pollokshields Nursery Employee of the Year 2015. Jessica was nominated by many parents giving very positive feedback for many reasons of why she should get this. Jessica is very deserving of this and will get an extra week’s annual leave during 2016.

Christmas at Little Einsteins Pollokshields Nursery

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The children in our 3-5 room took part in their Christmas nativity “Shine Star Shine.”

DSCN9162 DSCN9104

They used Makaton to sign to the songs throughout the play.

DSC08877 DSCN9243

Santa visited all rooms and left a lovely present for each child during their Christmas party.


All Children took part in Christmas activities, making lovely decorations and pictures. All rooms took part in a Christmas sing-a-long where parents could come along and join in, the children dressed up in Christmas costumes for this.

Nithsdale Nursery Update

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The 0-1 room have been doing a topic about their senses.  They have spent time exploring different textures, smells, sights and sounds.  They have done this through messy play with playdough, oats, beans and pasta.  Out on walks they have been looking at the different coloured leaves on the trees and listening to the different sounds around them.

Nithsdale Dec15 (2)

The children in the 1-2 room have been looking at transport for their topic.  The children have been making tractors, hot air balloons and other forms of transport.  They have made these using different materials such as collage, paint and printing.

Nithsdale Dec15

The children in the 2-3 room have been carrying out an “Under the sea” topic.  They have been making Jellyfish, lobsters and starfish, which they have displayed on their wall. The children also spent time bathing the babies and learning about looking after them.

Nithsdale Dec15 (4)

In the 3-5 room the children have been learning about road safety.  They have been reading books, using games on the computer and painting traffic lights.

Nithsdale Dec15 (3)

We would like thank parents for their continuous involvement with the nursery through taking part in room activities and joining us for parties. In the last few months we have had grandparent’s join us for grandparent’s day, parents have ‘stayed and played’ with their children and there was a good turnout for our Halloween party!

Nithsdale Nursery News

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One of the parents kindly came in to give the children a music session. She brought with her various instruments such as a guitar, flute, glockenspiel, recorders and African drums. All children took part in playing the different instruments and had great fun.


Nithsdale Sept 15  DSCN4339 The Discovers’ focus has been on colours, numbers and shapes – the children have been exploring lots of different colours of paint.

The Investigators have been focusing on ‘My home’. They have been busy talking about their families and making family trees. (see main picture)





Nithsdale Nursery News

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The babies have been painting with a transport theme. The 1 -2 year olds have been focusing on the environment, planting flowers and helping to look after them by watering them each day. They made rain catchers using recycled plastic bottles. They hung them up in the garden to catch the rain water which they used to water their flowers.

The 3 – 5 year olds have been learning about Kings and Queens and have drawn a family tree of our Royal Family.

The Wise Owls chose cooking and baking as their topic and have changed the way that their lunch is served. They now make their main course choice from the menu and help themselves to the vegetables and salad. They also serve themselves with water to drink. They chose cooking and baking as their new project topic and had fun writing out the ingredients for a salad which they later made.

4 (00000002)  1


1 (00000003)  DSCN1308

2 (00000002)


Mini Beasts Project at Little Einsteins Nithsdale Nursery

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DSC05675 DSC05676

Making caterpillars at Little Einsteins Nithsdale Nursery as part of their project on mini beasts proved popular with the children. Below is a photograph of the children using soil and spaghetti to look like worms in mud.  They explored the different textures and had a discussion about where worms live.


The main photograph shows a snail which was found during a “bug hunt” in the garden.

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