Graduation Celebration at Arbroath

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Stacia Tauscher said, “We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.”

On 24th July we held a graduation ceremony for the children about to start primary school. Sara Gaton, new Manager at Little Einsteins Arbroath, would like to share her thoughts and feelings with all of you.

“As parents and teachers we do put a lot of time and energy into preparing our children for their futures. And rightly so. We do indeed need to equip our children with life-long skills to prepare them for adulthood. It is our collective responsibility as we guide and mould the leaders of tomorrow – for it is on them that the future will have to depend.

Today, as we pay tribute to the young ladies and gentlemen of tomorrow, we know that they have started their remarkable journey towards achieving this goal. This year has seen them grow and develop exponentially. They have learned so much. They have remained eager and enthusiastic and they have grown in so many ways. Our thanks and appreciation to all the teachers and the parents for the fantastic role that you have all played to facilitate this process.

Now, girls and boys…we need to tell you how very proud we are of you today.

You are all incredibly special people today, right now, as you sit here in front of us. You have all worked very hard to learn more every day, you have played hard, you have made new friends and you have all tried to be a good friend too. Well done and congratulations to each and every one of you – you can feel very proud of all you have done this year. Our young children will move into a new year – a year with new challenges to deal with. As they move into their respective tomorrows so bright with goals already achieved and more dreams still to aspire to, we say to them… “Enjoy being five today with all your heart and soul… and worry less about preparing to be six.”

 Our children received their certificates and parents and staff could enjoy our time together in a nice meeting. Good luck for our schoolers!!”


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